Bespoke Trees

Twilight Trees’ highly skilled team use both real and fabricated trunks to produce exceptional quality trees of all scales and specification. Manufactured in-house in our Hampshire workshop and working closely with other British craftspeople across the UK, this specialist production is one that can’t be matched. Whether fantastical or botanically correct, we will work to your exact requirements to design and create the trees you have envisaged for your project.

Fabricated trunks

A core of steel is disguised with natural and unique sculptural trunks and hand carved bark. The result is an incredibly strong artificial tree with unique beauty. These are true works of art and no matter what the scale, scope or intricacies, they will be admired and enduring.

Real trunks

Sourced from sustainable forests, our real trunks are effortlessly natural. We use specialist kiln dried wood and have also formed partnerships with local forestry commissions which enable us to forage for both fallen trunks and driftwood. The end result is an exceptional and bespoke final product; a man made tree using natural resources.

Designing your tree

We work closely with our clients to design a tree that will suit the space, purpose and specification.

Safety and resilience

Fire retardancy and UV resistance are available on request.

All of our trees are made in the UK.

Lead times

This varies depending on the scale and scope of the project.

Please get in touch to discuss a time-frame.

Faux large bespoke tree


We guarantee transparency throughout the process and will discuss expectations from day one. We will work within financial parameters so bespoke doesn’t have to mean budget-breaking.

Get in touch to discuss what we can do for you.


We will ensure that your tree gets to you safely, on time and looks nothing but perfect once installed. If the install is straightforward, trees will be sent out directly to the client. Some of the larger and more intricate projects will require experts from our team to install the tree on site. We will give you an idea of this and costs associated in the early days of discussing your project.

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