Biophilic Workspaces

Wellness in the workplace is more imperative than ever. Our surroundings have a direct impact on physical and mental health as well as levels of productivity. An investment in your working environment is always a worthy one.

Twilight Trees will gain an understanding of your business, the space and its prime functionalities and will create a holistic design that meets your brief. Designs incorporate biophilic elements such as trees, plants and living walls as well as colours, branding and themes specific to your business. We will ensure the balance between work and wellness within the environment is achieved beautifully for you, your clients and employees.


The Cowshed’ is a design led, inspirational working hub based in the heart of the Warwickshire countryside. The client has invested in making this workspace multi-functional, aesthetically pleasing and a desirable place for productivity, creativity and wellness.

The brief:

  • To create an irregular green canopy to mark the walkways.
To bring the level of the ceiling down to help the acoustics.
Soften the interior and create the wow factor.
  • For all foliage to be touching to symbolise connectivity. ‘Stronger Together’

The solution: By adding some carefully ‘planted’ trees and a ‘growing’ hornbeam canopy that sits under the hanging lights, the key components of the interiors are cleverly tied in together and help create a cohesive and exciting visitor experience.

Wrapping the metal columns with the fabricated hand painted molded hornbeam trunks softened the interior. The canopy aided the acoustics and helped create directional walkways as well as brining down the perceived ceiling heights.

“WOW, Susie, what a fantastic result. We are delighted. You have brought to life everything we envisioned and more! Thank you and the team for doing such a fabulous job with no fuss and big smiles! We are looking forward to working with you again soon”

Sue Mountford – Managing Director, TeamITG

Team ITG

Team ITG is a technology-led marketing company that highly values biophilic influence and the impact it has on wellbeing and productivity.

Team ITG commissioned Twilight Trees to create a lifelike forest within the working hub of 30,000 sq ft, state of the art photography, video & TV facility ‘ITG Capture’.

Read more about the benefits of a biophilic workspace.

“ITG really cares about the environment that their teams and clients work in and want to inspire their clients with ever more stunning and stimulating places to get creative.'”

Susie Reid Thomas, Twilight Trees

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