Suspended Canopies & Bespoke Living Walls

Our most diverse offering, suspended canopies and bespoke living walls are a specialist area that we deliver to perfection.

Living Walls are hugely versatile. Whether they are to be used as an Instagram backdrop, a vehicle for adding biophilic elements to your space, a way to provide zoning or acoustic buffers for office spaces; the benefits of Living Walls are endless. We can include elements of brand colour, signage and can even hand paint the foliage for artistic effect.

Canopies are an intricate art but probably the most breathtaking creation that Twilight Trees have produced. We can curate seasonal canopies with real or artificial foliage and flowers and can also incorporate branded elements and any other desired embellishment. A canopy would typically be suspended from the ceiling to create an immersive display but they can of course be adapted to suit other spaces.

HarBar, Southampton


HarBar on 6th at the Southampton Harbour Hotel collaborated first with Roku Gin and later Mermaid Gin to bring their customers an immersive experience. Spring, autumn, Christmas and winter were all curated by hand and the design was led both by the seasons and by the brand identity. This successful collaboration is an instrumental example of what our design team can create.

Spring Blossom

This incredible blossom canopy was woven in between Japanese lanterns and cherry blossom trees. Guests at the HarBar on 6th sipped Roku cocktails and ate from the cherry blossom themed menu.

The aim was to increase footfall for the hotel, encourage word of mouth recommendations and social media exposure and it did just that!

Autumn leaves

A cocktail of artificial foliage, painted dried ferns and real dried leaves created a rich autumnal forest floor that was suspended from the ceiling. The scarlet bottles from Mermaid ‘Pink Gin’ were the final touch to the collaborative brand activation.

Led by the colours of the Mermaid gin bottles, the display spanned the length of the bar and large proportion of the seating area. The installation generated voluminous social media coverage and reinforced HarBar’s place on the map.

Winter frost

Taking inspiration from the Mermaid ‘Salt Vodka’ bottles, the final stage of the four seasons took a frosty twist that was straight out of Narnia and celebrated the beauty of the deep winter woods. The final change-up of the destination bar brought increased footfall at a typically quiet time in the hospitality calendar.

Christmas sparkle

The second phase of the ‘Mermaid Gin’ installation. The fully bespoke display was curated by hand to create a very different festive display. Disco baubles, miniature bottles, silver ferns and pearlescent honesty sit amongst other foliage to create a feast for the eyes and inexhaustible instagram content. This made the HarBar the number one destination bar in the area for Christmas 2021.

Chai Green


Working from the clients CAD drawings, we helped deliver the identity to this street food cafe in the bustling centre of Birmingham. A Living Wall with the brand logo mounted upon it provided an Instagram backdrop that has become synonymous with the brand’s identity. A bespoke feature tree was used to draw the eye to the service counter and various other focal points were created with playful foliage to lead the customer through the space.

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