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Twilight Trees will create an installation that will increase footfall, enhance the visitor experience, elevate spend and conquer social media. Visual merchandising has always been imperative but Instagram has cranked it up a notch and the visuals of a destination are often transcending the purpose.

Whether it’s dressing the entire space, adding a statement tree, making the fascia a feature or creating an Instagram backdrop, the Twilight Trees creative team will curate an installation that will suit your budget, market your business and make it a must-go destination.


Old bond Street

Twilight Trees partnered with Boodles, Bond Street to create an installation that would promote the Sky adaptation of ‘The Secret Garden’ and the jewellery collection designed by Boodles in its honour.

“This is the most exciting thing that has ever happened to the outside of our shop, and dare I say it, the most adventurous thing ever to happen to a shop on Bond Street!”

James Amos, Director, Boodles

Willows on the Roof

John Lewis, Oxford Street

‘Willows on the Roof’ is a rooftop bar located at the John Lewis flagship store on Oxford Street and launched by Night Tales.

The brief achieved:

  • To create a calm oasis in the hustling busy city.
  • Create a feature willow tree for the bar area, design a colour scheme and dress lighting features.
  • Create smaller willow tree feature tables.
  • Design and source greenery, lights and dressings for the sheds.
  • Design underplanting and lighting for the existing birch trees.
  • Refurbishing the sheds or ‘Hideaways’. Each hideaway will be uniquely named and designed but working within the same design brief and talking the same language.


The brief achieved:

  • To bring a touch of Mediterranean charm to Bahrain with a bespoke olive tree.
  • Create a cozy and inviting atmosphere for customers to enjoy.



The brief achieved:

  • To create a bespoke Japanese inspired blossom tree.

The Weighbridge Brewhouse


Twilight Trees worked together with The Weighbridge team to create a choreographed design solution that achieved maximum impact. We maximised its footfall by transforming the venue to attract PR and social media opportunities but more crucially customers and turnover.

Overall interiors: The building had a natural wealth of attributes and the use of LED Autumn Maples Trees with a warm, golden hue accentuated the natural warmth of the traditional red brick and contrasted beautifully with the vibrant turquoise seating.

The bar: The industrial look of the bar area exudes authenticity, fashionability and ambience. Solid oak and iron sit alongside a feature LED Autumn Maple Tree with miniature versions lined above the bar shelving. All furniture was sourced by the Twilight Trees design team.

For the outside: A low maintenance and vibrant faux option; faux box hedges planted into the current wooden planter have completely rejuvenated their look. Dated hanging baskets were replaced by en vogue ferns. Tarmac was replaced with a high quality, low maintenance faux grass which instantly brought a fresh uplift to the whole area.

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