Meet the Team

Twilight Trees was established in 2014 by Susie Reid Thomas and is a proud family business. Product and service are our tip top priorities; if we don’t love it, we don’t sell it. And if you think our products sparkle, you should meet our people. The team at Twilight Trees are professional through and through but be assured, those who work hard, play hard too! So who are we?

She has a sunflower yellow shed and a sunny disposition. Luby is a creative at heart and probably the nicest person you’ll come across. She cares about each and every one of our clients and be it a huge event that you’re planning or an intimate wedding, be assured that Luby will hold you hand throughout. When not found at our treehouse she’ll be found on the allotment charming all the old boys!

Vinnie can mainly be found under a desk, pootling round the pool or chewing on a Dentastick. He’s very important, top dog in fact…


Dom brings the energy. Whether it’s a de-rig at 2am or the meeting at 9am the next morning, you can’t shake the enthusiasm off this one! Passionate about trees, fitness and his beloved Netherlands. Just make sure you don’t Google him…


Andrew makes the cogs turn. He knows the business inside out and is instrumental in its success and at nearly 7 foot tall he’s certainly reaching for the higher branches. He also makes an absolutely killer G&T.


Susie is our founder and maverick, visionary and  en’tree’preneur. With a talent for design, a head for business and the ability to charm the pants of pretty much anybody, she’s the secret ingredient in this company and certainly adds the sparkle!


Sheldon runs a tight ship and could probably build one too. This man can make just about anything. Being a proud South African, he’s also the absolute master of the ‘brai’.


Amelia is our wordsmith. She’s passionate about the brand and its people and it’s rather lucky that her job is to shout it from the treetops!


Freddie is our ‘London correspondent’, he may be residing in the ‘big smoke’ but certainly doesn’t have his head in the clouds. This guy has his ear to the ground and his feet on the street making sure that Twilight Trees are the only tree folk in town!


King of the set-up. A proud Hungarian, this guy is as strong as an Ox, has a twinkle in his eye and knows how to boss the moss.


Peter has a superhuman brain, inexhaustible energy and a unique outlook on life. He’s our business compass and we’d be lost without him…

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