A Very Twilight Wedding – the hair edition

Valentina Ingrosso

Valentina Ingrosso is a wedding hairstylist and voted as one of the best hairstylists of 2022 by Harpers Bazaar. Having created looks for numerous celebrity weddings, Luby is in great hands. Valentina has shared her tips on how to plan the perfect bridal look.

What is your advice for a bride deciding on a style for their wedding hair look?

The most important advice for my brides is try to achieve a look that feels comfortable to you and that feels like you. Try to find the best hairstylist who can advise you on what suits you best. Have some inspiration pictures and try to choose models with a similar hair type and colour to your own. A messy up do on blonde hair looks great, and clean and shiny up looks fantastic on darker hair but each person is individual and your hairstylist will be able to guide you.

What elements do you take into consideration when coming up with concepts for bridal hair?

Where the Celebration will take place, what is the theme and vibe of the wedding, what the bridal dress will look like. I also consider how the bride usually likes to wear her hair on a daily basis and what her hair type is. I need to work oout not only suitablity but the longevity of a style.

I know Luby is between two styles – one that’s more her signature style and one that’s more styled. How would you advise a bride that can’t decide whether to go glam or natural? 

This is very simple. We often have dreams of how our wedding hair will look but in reality, ince we actually try it, we feel it’s not the best version of us. There are fashionable styles that look great in glossy magazines but in reality sometimes the most effective look is to be the very best version of your everyday self.

Should the bride ask the groom what his preference is or should it stay top secret? 

I think this is really personal. It all depends on the type of relationship the bride has with the groom. Times have changed a lot but if you ask me personally I would probably keep it top secret. That special moment when he sees you for the first time as a bride is worth the wait.

How much does the dress impact the hair design?

The cut of the dress often dictates whether you can have an up-do or hair down and the style does influence whether we go messy or chic. There needs to be a synergy between the different elements of the bridal look for it to have a real wow factor.

Any tips on how to get your hair in top condition prior to your wedding?

Start to use a great shampoo, conditioner and oil and where needed. Talk to your stylist about having a salon treatment if you have particular hair concerns and I would advise doing all of this as far in advance of the wedding day as possible.

You’re with the bride when she’s most nervous – what do you do to keep them calm? 

I try to give her some self care time. I prepare for the day by asking what music she finds calming or comforting, asking her if she would rather not chat and instead have some quiet and reflective time. I will always try to help with dressing if needed and remind her to eat, she needs to make it through the day.

Any final words of wisdom to share with our readers?

Simply find the best make up artist and hairstylist you can, look through their portfolio and go with recommendations.

Minimise stress. You want to look your best on your wedding day, you need people that can work to a schedule and who will always deliver the best service they can in order for you to fully enjoy the best day of your life. 

When choosing the individual elements for your wedding day, especially when choosing the dress and accessories, you can ask for the opinions of others but remember that everybody is different. You must choose what you feel is the right choice for you, because you are unique.



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