A Very Twilight Wedding Part 2

One month closer to the wedding and we catch up with Luby who is planning her ‘Very Twilight Wedding’…

Luby, catch us up on what we’ve missed!

We’ve been busy! 

We had our menu tasting at Doggart and Squash which was amazing. You step into Doggert and Squash HQ and are immediately in this inspiring and creative space, they have a big open kitchen and the whole experience was very exciting.

We decided on Doggart and Squash because their food is so beautifully presented and very seasonal and the tasting didn’t disappoint. Vinnie the dog came with us and he got lots of treats, he absolutely loved it too and got totally spoiled!

We’re currently still making our decision as to what we’re going to have for our mains. Both were delicious. I’ve also just been chatting to Andrea about plates and glassware and crockery which is definitely my thing!

What sort of style are you going for?

Quite clean because there’s quite a lot going on elsewhere. The crockery is quite neutral with a bit of texture. Green is quite a big colour for the wedding. We’re having some really beautiful green velvet bows on our table places as well so we’re  keeping the plates and bits like that simple but effective.

We recently purchased some gorgeous cream, natural linen napkins which we’re going to have personally embroidered for guests to use and then take home.

My Dad is going to source the cutlery because I’m from Sheffield and so all of our cutlery is going to be branded with ‘made in Sheffield’ which we thought would be quite a nice touch.

For glasswear it was  really important to me that we selected the glassware that I wanted. Dec and I are really big fans of a ‘coupe’, so any fizz, any champers, it will be drunk out of a coupe!

And how’s the dress coming along?

I went to Sassi Holford and I had my toile fitting this month. For those that don’t know, a toile is a calico mock up of the dress to make sure it fits and everything is perfect before it goes into production.

Sassi has done all my appointments which is amazing, I’m in very very safe hands. It was so lovely to see her, she’s such an amazing designer and I can’t wait to see what she creates.

We also looked at some veils and started talking about how to incorporate a veil into the style of dress that we’re creating which I loved.

That’s it now, a dress is going to be made. The next fitting is THE DRESS!!!

Have you chosen shoes yet?

Yes! I’ve ordered some shoes which are quite different to traditional wedding shoes, they could also be my something blue! I also hear bows are going to be very big in 2023 so there could be a few bows on them… they’re very me.

I hate the idea of them going back in a box and never worn again. I love the idea that every time I put them on, they’re my wedding shoes and they’re special.

I have to say I did receive some very exciting post recently…

Yes! Our invites finally went out!

We have moved house in the last couple of months and before that we obviously had Christmas and mad events season with Twilight Trees. It’s a relief to have finally sat down and completed them as I designed them all myself. They are very similar to our save the dates and all printed on handmade cotton paper. We included our wedding gift list in the invites too so had to get all of that sorted.

And what company have you gone with for the gift list?

We decided to go with the amazing Wedding Present Company. Gemma has been so helpful and really looked after us. It’s a beautifully presented website with an amazing selection. I can’t wait to go up to their showroom in London to have a good look around and meet the team.

How many guests are you having?

We’re having 60 guests. We’ve had a few RSVP’s which is very exciting!

And the dress code?

Black tie!

Of course! And tell me about cocktails…

I had a catch up with Zack from Drunken Jockey’s the other week. We chatted through the day and the type of vibe we’re going for. I’m very excited to have the guys at the wedding, I think they’re going to bring something really special.

They also have an amazing selection of bars that they’re launching this year and Twilight Trees are launching a couple of exciting collections too so I’m really hoping we can connect the two and really showcase what each has to offer.

What’s next?

We are going to see our vicar tonight. We haven’t seen him for ages so we are going to meet at the church and finalise things. The first reading of our banns is this coming weekend! My Dad is coming to stay for the weekend so I think we’ll all go off to church on Sunday morning and be together to hear them being read. I think that’s when it’s all going to start to seem real!

I’m also going to meet the lovely ladies who live in the village. They take it in turns each month to decorate the church and they want to help decorate the church for the wedding. They use a lot of cut flowers from their gardens and forage from local hedgerows so it’s all going to be not just sustainable but properly local and handpicked, it’s all just really lovely. I’ve sent them my moodboard and we’re having lunch next week. It is such a welcoming community, we’re very lucky.

Anything else on the agenda for now?

We’ve been so busy at Twilight Trees that I still need to sit down with Susie and go through the design. We have some good ideas and we have a great mood board that we’ve collated but we need to sit down together, hone in on it and make some decisions. We need to sort out logistics too, especially if we need to make or build anything bespoke.

That’s it for this month, before you know it it will be the hen!

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