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If you’re looking for a beautifully natural effect, our green trees are perfect.


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Green leaf collection

Our ‘TIG’ collection showcases the highest level of craftsmanship. The design of our faux trees is entirely realistic, from the trunk to the leaves, and the simplicity of its form makes it a blank canvas for styling. Impressive luxury is paired with fresh and rustic elements and the results are breathtaking. Talk to us about styling options!

Hire Trees in Green pom trees by Twilight Trees


Our TIG Poms are playfully spherical and work well at the end of a church pew, on a pedestal as a wishing tree and are a natural choice for a table centre. The TIG Poms truly compliment the Grande TIG and are charming accessorised in any way you like. We love to style them with white blossom petals, colourful butterflies, oranges, christmas decorations, the list goes on.

They stand at 1.2m in height, 70 cm diameter.

Artificial green trees available to hire


The Mid TIG is a character. This tree has a natural wooden rustic trunk and tumbling rich green leaves which fall in an organic and playful way.

These trees work beautifully in numbers and make a wonderful walkway. When teamed with the Grande TIG and TIG Pom it creates a rich green forest of epic proportions.

The trees can be left au naturel or styled with extra foliage, fruit, birds or hanging tea lights to create your own unique look.

Height 2.8 Width 1.7

outdoor artificial trees with lights

Grande TIG

Our Grande TIG is bold and luscious. Incredibly versatile it can just as easily be the feature of a room as it can a subtle and natural backdrop. The perfect tree to style your own way, the Grande TIG can be anything you want it to be.

Whether used as a grand centrepiece for an event, raised above a bar in all its glory or as a prop for stage and screen, the Grande TIG is an impressive and natural choice.

The tree is 3.5m in height, 3.5m diameter.

Court trees collection

Made from foraged and reclaimed trunks, these trees are all about designer sustainability. Inspired by the ‘Palm Courts’ of the early 1900’s which were popular in hotels such as The Ritz, The New York City Plaza and even the Titanic. These trees are built to the highest specification and work well in numbers to create a breathtaking biophilic effect.

A smooth trunk that has all the characteristics that nature intended; each is entirely unique although they take the same general form. The Royal Longfolia leaf is a rich forest green and the long, sharp-tailed leaves fall beautifully together on their fine stems. The overall look is dense and jungly, yet sophisticated and curated.

Mid Court Trees

Slightly smaller than its counterpart but equally full of character. The Mid Court trees stand at 2.8m high and 1.7m wide. The singular trunk is beautifully textured with natural tones and markings. The branches start at 1.6m and the foliage at 1.5m.

Tall Court Trees

The tallest of the Court Trees, this tree stands 3.5m high and 1.8m wide. The dual trunks are naturally formed and the branches start at 1.7m and foliage starts at 1.5m. The overall effect is both playful and natural and this tree has a real presence.

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