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The Italian Olive collection evokes mediterranean vibes with soft, natural tones and a bold presence. This collection has been handmade by our expert tree builders using reclaimed trunks and artisan techniques. The ‘Olive Tree Collection’ is completely unique and will make a statement at any wedding or event.


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Faux large olive tree available to hire

Grande Olive Tree

With a width of nearly 5 metres and a magnificent presence, the Grande Olive is a huge character. The textured trunk is a work of art with each curve and groove having been intricately created and the highly effective multidimensional finish is hand painted to perfection. The dense foliage is incredibly realistic and different tones shine through to create an overall look that is unmistakably identifiable.

This magnificent tree measures 3.5m high, 4.75m wide and is a real statement piece.  
Mid faux olive tree available to hire

Mid Olive Tree

The Mid Olives are smaller at 2.8 metres high but equally luxurious. The real reclaimed trunks are hand selected and finished. The foliage achieves both an organic wildness and a curated look and would be similarly reflected at either style event. These olives are an absolute classic and the closest you can get to the real deal.

This gorgeous tree measures 2.8m high, 1.8m wide.

Hire artificial olive tree

Potted Olive Tree

Our Potted Olive is the perfect addition to our collection. At 1.8m high these plants are perfect to accompany our Mid Olives. The reclaimed trunks have been restored to perfection and finished with incredibly realistic olive stems.

Our potted olives measure 1.8m high, 1.1m wide.

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