Hire Blush Blossom Trees

“The Blush collection was inspired by pink sands, rose quartz, and the crisp, clear perfection of a Provence Rosé.”
Luby Howden, Art and Events Director.

A kaleidoscope of rosé tones, this beautifully balanced ‘Blush’ collection has top notes of peach, undertones of cotton candy and a crisp, dry finish. Perfectly paired with a summer celebration, a whimsical wedding or as the pièce de la résistance right in the centre of a circular bar.

‘The Blush Collection’ offers a soft and delicate take on blossom. Handcrafted with meticulous attention to detail using a combination of natural and fabricated materials.

Close up of blush blossom tree

Blush Blossom Pom

These trees are designed to work as table centres with a trunk just high enough not to obstruct the line of sight. Effortlessly pretty and both more economical and ecological than real flowers, these trees complete the look.

Height: 1.2m x Width: 85cm.
First branch height: 65cm. Footprint: 30cm x 30cm

Mid blush blossom tree

Mid Blush Blossom

Locally reclaimed trunks are hand finished and retain all of their natural qualities. The trunks tone beautifully with the cloud of soft pink blossom. Perfectly proportioned, the Mid Blush Blossoms work well as a standalone feature, as a pair at an entrance or the perfect guard of honour lined along your aisle.

Height: 2.8m x Width: 1.7m

Large artificial blush blossom tree

Grande Blush Blossom

This tree has an impressive presence and a serene quality. The hand painted trunk is a work of art and paired with the clouds of soft blush blooms, the overall effect utterly breathtaking. This tree will make a stunning centrepiece for any wedding or event.

Height: 3.3m x Width: 3.5m.
First foliage height: 1.3m. First branch height: 1.6m

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