Hire Pink Blossom Trees

Hire pink blossom pom trees for events

Pink Blossom Poms

The Blossom Pom is a charming take on our Grande Blossom Tree and makes a beautiful table centre. The multi-tonal pink blossoms tumble together in this playful ball of blooms which is gently broken up by realistic apple green leaves.

These trees are totally irresistible and perfect for a wedding.

These trees are 1.2m in height and 0.7m wide.

Hire pink apple blossom trees for events

Pink Apple Blossom Trees

The Apple Blossom Trees are the smaller version of the Grande Cherry Blossom Trees and stand-alone or make the most perfect accompaniment. The trunk and branches are made from real tree branches but stripped of bark so that they have the same natural sculptural curves but a lighter tonal quality. The blossoms themselves are cotton white or soft pink and their delicate frothy layers give the tree a generous volume and floral density. Multi tonal fresh greens are introduced towards the base of the blooms and continue into the dainty leaves which finish off the look. The Apple Blossom trees will work anywhere and can’t fail to charm.

Our pink apple blossom trees are 2.8 metres high and 1.8 metres wide.

Pink Japanese blossom trees available to hire

Pink Japanese Blossoms

These charming Japanese blossom trees are simple, pretty and perfect in a pair, or as an orchard. This tree has a rustic wooden trunk leading up to branches which hold beautiful silk mix petals in various tones of pink which create a colourful and multi dimensional effect. Stunning at a wedding or summer party.

Height 3m, Width 1.7m

Hire grande pink blossom tree for wedding receptions

Grande Pink Blossoms

The Grande Blossom trees are truly stunning. The volume of fluffy petals in various shades of pink create a multi-tonal density that is often mistaken for the real deal. The trunk is handcrafted from resin which is then painted by hand. Real wooden branches then explode into incredibly beautiful silk mix petals. A wonderful option when looking for large scale flora.

These trees are 3.5m in height and 3.5m wide.

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