Hire Sapphire Blossom Trees

Sapphire blue blossom tree available to hire

Sapphire Blossom Pom

At 1.35 metres, our Sapphire Blossom Poms are the ideal table centrepiece to bring a burst of colour to any occasion. These poms harmonise wonderfully with the rest of our Sapphire Collection or mix-and-matched with other shades of blossom.

Sapphire blue tree available to hire

Mid Sapphire Tree

The Mid Sapphire trees showcase the natural beauty of reclaimed Silver Birch trunks and form a stunning contrast with the vibrant sapphire blossoms. The Mid Sapphire trees are a natural accompaniment to the Grande Sapphire and work perfectly in a pair.

Height 2.8m  Width 1.8m

The Sapphire Tree, blue tree available to hired by Twilight Trees

Grande Sapphire Tree

The Grande Sapphire Tree is a completely unique, handmade piece designed to wow. The trunk is crafted from locally reclaimed Silver Birch and still retains all of its wonderful original textures and the unique silky white of its namesake. The branches reach up to a voluminous spray of deep blue blooms which contrast beautifully with the trunk. This tree is certain to make a statement whether as a standalone feature, part of a theme or perhaps both your something borrowed and something blue…

Height 3.5m  Width 3.5m

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