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Events professionals and consumers alike are more clued up than ever and are on a joint mission to make the events industry a more sustainable place to be. Twilight Trees is very fortunate to have based our business on a reusable product but although our waste is minimal, we clock up a fair mileage each year and are part of an industry that needs to work together to pave a greener future.
Below is how we are reducing our environmental impact.
Forest viewed from above

Maintain our carbon neutral status

We are a proudly carbon neutral company and have been working with our local Hampshire partners at Carbon Footprint since 2020. We audit and offset our carbon footprint across all of our events, travel, shipping and the running of our business as a whole. In 2022 we offset 25.317 tonnes of Co2 by supporting a global portfolio of verified carbon reduction projects.

Be mindful

This is such a small effort but can have a huge impact on living and working more sustainably. We have made a commitment as a company, but adopting a more mindful approach to sustainability isn’t something you can leave at the office door. All of the staff at Twilight Trees genuinely care about the world around us and what we are leaving behind for our children. Whether it’s providing recycling for coffee pods and batteries or walking to work we are all doing our bit and will strive to do more, the little things add up!

'Tree Buddy'

Our tree planting programme in the UK is combined with REDD (Reducing Deforestation & Degradation) or Tree Buddying which ensures that for every tree planted in the UK, a tonne of carbon will be saved in the Amazon Rainforest through avoided deforestation projects. Furthermore, this affords the chance for children of Twilight Trees staff members to provide a tree-planting programme at their schools.

Plant a tree for every transaction

In addition to carbon offsetting and ‘tree buddying’ we have launched a partnership with ‘TreeApp’. TreeApp is planting a tree for every transaction that we take – be that a rental, sale or bespoke commission, so by choosing Twilight Trees you’re doing your bit for the environment too. Two months in and we have already reforested 96m2 of land in the Americas and rehabilitated more than 10 species of trees and animals.

Always strive to drive as green as possible

We drive a lot of miles at Twilight Trees and so a top priority is to run as clean a fleet as possible. Whilst we are still working on our Harry Potter apparition skills, we make sure that our vehicles are tip top in terms of green credentials and maintenance and our aim is for our fleet to be green, mean, eco machines! Whilst we still have a way to go to achieve the latter, we are absolutely working towards this for the future. We also employ as many local people as possible so that our team can choose to walk and cycle to work and if they drive, the journey is as short as possible.

Work with sustainably minded companies

We actively work with companies with the same ethos as us and we aim to work together to make sure that the events industry has a positive impact on our environment. Rock My Wedding for example donates 10% of our membership fee to tree planting each month. As a Rock My Wedding Recommended Supplier, we have now contributed to the planting of 3,526 trees, and have offset 564 tonnes of Co2!

Cycle to work

Every mile counts and Twilight Trees has signed up to the ‘Cycle to Work’ scheme to encourage colleagues to leave their car at home. This is also a fabulous way to encourage tip top physical and mental health too!

Recycle, reuse and repair

Not only do we recycle in the traditional sense in every way that we can, but we also use fallen and reclaimed timber to construct our trees. We have additionally invested many hours working out the best way to repair and rejuvenate our trees so that we get longevity and quality from our products. Every aspect of the tree is given the maximum lifespan and each piece is reused as many times as possible – in some instances this could be a number of years…

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