Interview with Daisy Amodio – Founder, The Proposers

Daisy ‘The Proposers’ is just such a fantastic concept – how did it come about?

Daisy Amodio - Founder, The ProposersMy brother asked me to help plan his treasure hunt proposal around London. After SHE SAID YES, I thought that it would be an incredible job to make more people happy. I then Googled Proposal Planner and nothing came up. I couldn’t believe I fell upon a new industry. The rest is history, I quit my job and set-up The Proposers. We’ve now planned over 1500 events around the globe with a team of 5 based at our head office in Soho London.

How do you work with your clients to design the perfect proposal?

Every client is different. Some already have an idea but not sure how to execute it, and some don’t have a creative bone in their body but want that wow factor moment. We always ask them questions about their relationship to make sure that every proposal is completely tailored to them.

Has anyone ever said no?

No one has ever said no. Thank god. I would absolute hate to witness that.

Are most of your clients’ men?

97% of our clients are men. I wish more women would propose but sadly they only come to us on leap year.

What was the most logistically challenging proposal?

Our biggest budget proposal of £800,000 was the most challenging. The proposal happened over three different continents, exclusive hire of Disneyland Paris, fake police arrest in New York Times Square, and privatisation of Niagara Falls. It was certainly a challenge but we did it, and the clients are super happy.

What was the one proposal that most sticks in your mind?

My first ever proposal will always hold a special place in my heart. The lady in question wanted to be an artist but never had the confidence to pursue her dreams. Instead we brought art to her. We created her very own art gallery with interesting paintings that represent their relationship. As she walked around enjoying every single piece she got to the last piece which was covered in her favourite colour, purple velvet cloth. As the guy whipped off the cloth, she spots a painting of hearts she had created some years back with the words Will You Marry Me on it. She of course said YES. They used all the art at their wedding and sent me pictures of their first child. I love my clients.

And last but not least… How did your husband propose?

It’s a great question, how do you propose to a proposal planner?!

Well the answer I always gave my boyfriend at the time was that I wanted it to happen at home because I was very proud to have bought a home in London. One day….5 years later!!! I turned that lock to reveal candles and petals leading down to the roof terrace door. There was a huge picture on the door that said….This Way To Your Future. As I open the door, Henry is standing their fully suited like James Bond surrounded by lots of candles and lanterns. I of course said YES. A nice little touch was that he booked me in to get my nails done and planned lunch with my mum. It’s all in the details.

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