Interview with Mary Jane Vaughan – wedding, events & corporate florist

Mary Jane Vaughan – Award-winning wedding, events & corporate London floristFlowers have always been a big part of your life; can you tell us a bit about your background?

I was born in Colombia. My father was a farmer so a great part of my life was surrounded by nature. I started with a flower shop in London in the 1980’s but soon found that my passion is for events and weddings. Retail is fun but I love projects and the bespoke element of events. We are now in a workshop near the flowers market in Battersea, 5 minutes from the flower market.

You’ve been in the industry for over three decades, what are the big changes you’ve seen?

Fashion changes and in turn colours and style in floristry change accordingly. New and better flowers varieties appear. But these are cosmetic changes. In the last couple of years, sustainability has become a major concern for us all and has changed the way we source our flowers and the way we arrange them.
People are a lot more eco-conscious these days, how do you work this into what you do?

We try to buy local and seasonal and we endeavour to avoid single use plastics and floral foam.

What is the most creative brief you’ve ever been given?

One of the most creative briefs I have been given was to transform a very formal space into a wilderness of flowers and plants, as if nature had taken over. With only a few hours set up! It was hard work but great fun.
Other briefs that are challenging and fun are premiers for films – from Peter Rabbit to the Beauty and the Beast.

And the most exciting client?

I don’t really have a client that stands out as the most exciting, it so depends on the brief! We had a brief recently from a Japanese client for an origami wedding, that was exciting!

You often incorporate Twilight Trees into your designs, how do they work alongside fresh flowers and how do you use them?

We often suggest trees from Twilight. Simply because when we have a request for trees, Twilight do them better than we can do them ourselves! And they are a great team to work with.

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