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Late-May already! Crazy weather, bank holidays and muted VE celebrations. Some days speed away, some drag along: doesn’t time seem a more stretchable concept right now?

Twilight Trees HQ, however, has been super busy. From a 4am idea 17 days ago, we’ve designed and developed a fabulous new range to help our business partners restart commercially and safely. We’ve been rapid prototyping and set up a UK supply and manufacturing chain from scratch. Sustainability has been on our – and everyone’s – mind, so we’ve designed these screens to be fully recyclable and re-useable.

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Living Spaces TM

The new range – Living Spaces ™ – addresses head-on the challenges we’re all facing, around how to adapt our different businesses to ‘social distancing’ and consumers’ understandable concerns over hygiene and future contamination risks.

We’ve adapted Twilight Trees’ expertise with all things botanical to create a range of three beautiful, stylish decorative screens. Designed for a variety of venues – from offices to galleries, museums, event-spaces and municipal buildings to restaurants, gastro-pubs, cafes, spas and salons – our screens help in four simple ways:

  • Providing physical reassurance without eroding your social dynamic,
  • Creating smaller intimate spaces, avoiding the need for expensive, structural changes;
  • Guiding visitors through your building or grounds in a controlled way;
  • Offering therapeutic calm via the power of plants.

We’re really proud of the new additions to the Twilight Trees family – and yes, we have incorporated our signature LED lighting as an option as well as your own branding.  We’re already building and shipping these lovely screens to operators desperate to get their teams back to work – albeit in radically different circumstances – to serve their customers and, of course, to get the tills ringing again! h3>Screen savers

We’re ramping up production to meet early orders, but we anticipate it’s going to be a busy Summer, so please don’t leave it too late to order. The whole range can be seen at Tell us what you think, call us to order and share the link with colleagues if you think it will help them.

Our conversations with operators tell us that they’re looking for solutions that will allow spaces to re-open, whilst inspiring confidence in customers or users and without killing the look and atmosphere of their interiors’,
Susie Reid Thomas, Founder & Creative Director of Twilight Trees

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