Step into the Dome Zone

Enjoy the outdoors all year round with one of our garden domes. With accessories to ensure your dome is read to use, click to enquire with Twilight Trees.
Dining outdoors with a garden dome. Twilight Trees offer creative solutions to transforming spaces with biophilic designs. Our garden domes are available to buy and hire. Click to shop glass screens and more.

Twilight Trees has always prided itself on the ability to bring the ‘outside in’ but in true 2020 style we’re flipping on in its head and are bringing to you, the ‘inside out’…

Whether a hospitality venue looking to maximise on your outside space or a home owner looking for an area in which to exercise, entertain, work or chill. These domes are the very best on the market and are available to buy and to hire.

A flexible space…

A hospitality lifeline

Dome Dining is the new experiential trend that is offering the hospitality industry a further lifeline when working within tight restrictions.

A dome for the home

With many people now working from home, these domes offer that extra space that we’re craving.

Dome destination

Not only do they allow us the freedom to dine with whom we choose but let’s face it, they come with novelty factor in spades.

Break down the barriers

These transparent domes help make the most of your outside space throughout the year.

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