Susie’s Platinum Jubilee decoration tips

We are all planning a right royal celebration next weekend. Here are Susie’s top tips for how to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee:

Have an eco awareness. We are conjuring up nostalgia and must celebrate with an air of frivolity – crikey this has been a long time coming, in more ways than one! But at the same time as much as we’re partying like it’s 1945, the ecological landscape is a very different place and there is value in acknowledging this. Be mindful.

Twilight Trees always strive to ‘reuse, recycle and repair’ and would encourage everyone to keep these three actions in mind when planning decorations for the Jubilee celebrations. 

Life is for living, use your best. Whether you’re celebrating inside or outside, no better occasion has called for the family silver, the best of crockery, those candle sticks that haven’t seen the light of day since your grandmother used them for ‘Sunday best’. 

This is such a unique occasion and I do genuinely believe in the joy of using the special things. A broken tea cup that saw its demise in a moment of joy is far more worthwhile than a perfect one stored in the back of the cupboard just waiting for an occasion. Today is the occasion.

If you are buying, buy well. It’s so easy to get caught up in the spirit of things and I’m definitely not innocent when it comes to impulse buying. That gloriously patriotic bunting that will go in the bin the second the bank holiday is over, the plastic cups bearing Royal imagery, the tablecloth that was so totally perfect for an occasion that will soon just be a memory. This is your opportunity to invest in pieces for the future but also hit the mark when celebrating this unique time in history.

Bunting is a key example of this. For me, the Jubilee is all about bunting but investing in timeless bunting that can be brought out time and time again makes total sense. Fabric bunting is also an excellent way of supporting small businesses. Check out Etsy to make a maker’s day and invest in something beautifully made, timeless and that can be used for years to come.

Ditch the disposables and find worthy alternatives that you can use on a regular basis. We fell in love with this George at Asda’ glassware when at an afternoon tea at Kimbridge Barn recently and have relished the chance to snap up a blue collection – perfect to fit in with the patriotic colour scheme but also just fabulous at any other time of the year. If you’re talking about reusability, being environmentally continuous and visual effectiveness I’d say these offer far better bang for your buck even if the initial outlay is slightly more.

Invest in a soundscape as well as a tablescape. Music sets the atmosphere just as much as visuals. Whether it’s patriotic tunes or something more contemporary, music will set the tone from the get-go. And why not get the whole family involved. If you have teens in the house, task them with creating a Spotify playlist for the celebrations. Or create one as a family, this celebration is essentially one of togetherness so anything you can do collaboratively will be a memory making gold.

Be prepared to bring the inside out and the outside in. Let’s face it, this celebration is as British as our weather but as an ever adaptable nation we never let rain dampen our parade. We’re just as likely to go foraging for twigs and flowers to use inside as we are to haul the dining table onto the lawn and scatter it with velvet cushions!

We have found an amazing selection of reasonably priced cushions at M&S including this Corgi cushion which will be my souvenir investment for the Platinum Jubilee.

If you’re looking for a cushion purchase that works well both in and out all year round, we choose Weaver Green every time. Timeless designs, fabulous quality and made from recycled bottles; I’m in love.

Let there be light. Twilight Trees started out as an LED tree company and I believe the reason the concept took off so quickly is the atmosphere their light brings to a room. Lighting is transformative. As well as the obvious functionality of lighting, it sets a tone, strikes an atmosphere, electrifies a space (metaphorically as well as literally!) and cannot be underestimated. If you’re wanting to stick to a patriotic colour scheme why not buy more neutral candlestick or lantern that will suit your home or garden for years to come and then accessorise with colourful candles. We are naturally firm advocates of our LED trees for both inside and out, this battery operated LED Maple is perfect as a table centre as the sun goes down.

Make it personal. Whatever you do to celebrate, we hope you make memories that will last a lifetime. This celebration will be a culmination of pent up celebrations and it will go down in history as one of the greatest parties Britain ever held; make it your own. Personally, I’m going to make it the essence of good old fashioned fun. We will come together, family, friends and neighbours and play games, eat cake, bask under the bunting and toast to Her Majesty’s remarkable reign. Long may she reign over us, and long may the rain hold off!

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