The Twilight Trees story

Susie, founder of Twilight Trees

It all started with a single LED Cherry tree and I could never have imagined that ten years later, I would have built a forest. Here we are, celebrating our first decade in the industry; we have almost 2,000 trees of all varieties, three warehouse units and just under 20 staff. As I reflect on our journey, I realise how far Twilight Trees has come. 

Back at the very beginning I would drop the children off at childcare and race up to London to set up my one tree in the office of whichever business I was trying to get on board. I’d then pack up and whizz back in time to pick the kids up. I would drive past the National History Museum and think, one day my trees will be in there and by 2018 they were. It still absolutely blows my mind the venues where we have installed our trees and the iconic brands we have worked with. I am constantly humbled by your business and still get a spark of excitement when we get a booking.

We have had some hard times too. We survived the pandemic by pivoting our offering overnight and started creating high-end room dividing screens. This was not the only pivot in our history as my husband Andrew closed the door on his career in the city, and took a risk on what is now a proud and thriving family business. Andrew joining the team was a huge turning point in the business and indeed our marriage! One of Andrew’s main passions as MD is to ensure that what we do is sustainable, and his efforts have meant that for three years running Twilight Trees has been a carbon neutral business.

For eight years we worked out of the family home but with 8 staff sat round the kitchen table and the garden housing 26 shipping containers it was clear we needed to graduate. In 2021 after a lengthy search, the business finally found its own home at Manor Farm. The expansion of premises has not only allowed us the freedom to start building and storing more trees, but also the opportunity to grow our staff. We have a rapidly growing team and aim to seek out and nurture local talent. We have recently started an apprenticeship scheme and now have two full-time apprentices on team Twilight.

We are so proud of what we’ve built and so grateful for the support of everyone who has been part of our journey so far. We truly believe in what we do and we can’t wait to share the next chapter with you as we continue to create the spectacular!

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