Twilight Trees’ top five wedding trends of 2024

Each year the industry colludes and draws inspiration from a variety of cultural influences to come up with the wedding trends of the year. By incorporating elements of these trends and adapting them to inspire your style, you can curate a wedding that is visually breathtaking and authentically you.

Here are our top five wedding trends for 2024:

  1. Sustainable Weddings
  2. Marseille Bleu
  3. Alternative Venues
  4. The 1970’s
  5. Peach Fuzz

Sustainable Weddings

This wedding trend rises in prominence every year and it’s safe to say it’s here to stay. Weddings are a huge generator of waste and the latest generation of brides and grooms are more aware of it than ever.

As part of this drive towards sustainability, wedding industry rentals are riding an upward curve. From decor to dresses, a huge proportion of elements that make up a wedding can be hired. The number of people searching the term ‘wedding dress hire’ was up 50% last year alone.

In an era where sustainability is at the forefront of consumer consciousness, hiring artificial trees has become a popular choice for couples looking to reduce their environmental footprint without sacrificing style. Twilight Trees consistently sees people making a more sustainable choice and hiring trees as wedding decoration is more popular than ever.

Fran Everist of Hedsor House has said; “We are seeing a gradual shift in couples wanting more sustainable choices. Whether it’s swapping cut flowers in favour of faux blooms, or wanting their wedding breakfast to be locally sourced, couples are making meaningful changes to their day”. Hedsor House launched the very first carbon-neutral wedding package ‘The Alexander’ in 2022 and Twilight Trees is proud to be a part of its select few suppliers.

Marseille Bleu

This one is a trend we’ve picked up from over the pond but comes on very good authority. BRIDES and Minted Weddings have collaborated to establish the 2024 wedding colour of the year; ‘Marseille Bleu’. The colour was named after the beautiful coastal city along France’s Mediterranean coast and inspired by the artwork of French painter Yves Klein.

“Marseille Bleu is a dynamic, lively shade that works just as well for a formal, black-tie wedding in a major city as it does at a barefoot celebration on the beach. Depending on its application, it can read classic or modern, feminine or masculine, wintry or summery. It’s this versatility that we all loved most about the colour. Couples planning any style of celebration can bring Marseille Bleu into their big days,” said Gabriella Rello Duffy, Editorial Director of BRIDES.

The Sapphire Tree works beautifully with this trend, delivering a dense, voluminous hit of the Marseille Bleu to any space.

Alternative Venues

Weddings have become a stamp of identity for the bride and groom. Gone are the days of strictly following tradition and this also counts when it comes to the venue. In recent years there has been a much accepted diversity when it comes to selecting a venue and we are seeing far more use of barns and industrial style spaces. Whilst there’s still very much a place for the traditional venue, with a surge in wedding numbers since the enforced pause in 2020, availability also played its part in couples being forced to think outside the box.

Editor of Rock My Wedding, Jennifer Read-Dominguez, says; “non-traditional venues offer a blank canvas for creativity and allow you to transform the space into a reflection of your personal style.” 

Artificial trees lend themselves to this style of space as they often have high ceilings and neutral decor. Hackney Town Hall and The Barns at Redcoats are excellent examples of couples choosing slightly different venues and bringing them to life with large-scale trees.

The 1970’s

The 70’s are having a comeback and the wedding industry is all over it. ‘Groovy nuptials’ are the thing of the moment and from subtle influences to full on retro glamour, brides and grooms are here for it.

The 2024 Pinterest Wedding Report was released this spring and with searches for ‘70s-inspired weddings’ up 1800%, it is clear that the style of the 1970’s is high on the agenda of couples planning their wedding this year.

Disco décor will be a highlight of the season with dancefloors giving Studio 54 vibes. Metallic tones ruled the era of the disco ball and with its luxe leaves and golden glamour ‘The Gatsby’ (as pictured above) is bound to be a hero of this trend.

Peach Fuzz

Close up of blush blossom tree

The Pantone colour of the year is already permeating through many aspects of the design world and the wedding industry is no exception. Pantone describes this soft and feminine tone as an ‘appealing peach hue softly nestled between pink and orange. A warm tone that is both youthful and timeless, understated but impactful, poetic and romantic’. 

From bridesmaid dresses to décor, cake to cocktails, ‘Peach Fuzz’ is perfect for a spring or summer wedding and works effortlessly alongside both neutral and vibrant colour palettes.

When pairing with our artificial tree collections, it’s ‘The Blush Collection’ that does it for us. This collection offers a soft and delicate take on blossom and goes hand in hand with ‘Peach Fuzz’. Created with a kaleidoscope of rosé tones, the beautifully balanced ‘Blush’ has top notes of peach, undertones of cotton candy and a crisp, dry finish.

The Twilight Trees team are the wedding experts and whether you’re following a trend or standing out from the crowd, they are here to guide you into making the right choice for your special day. Get in touch with the team today and let them elevate your expectations.

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