A Very Twilight Wedding – The Countdown is on!

Luby just a few weeks to go now, how are you feeling?

I’m feeling really good! I can’t believe it’s only three weeks!

How was the hen?

The hen was absolutely amazing. 12 of us went to Herefordshire to an amazing Unique Homestays house called ‘Charity’. It’s such a great company, the houses are always so immaculate, they have everything you need and more and ‘Charity’ certainly didn’t disappoint.

What activities did you do?

We had incredible weather and one of my friends Carey had got us all personalised Turkish Towels with our initials on so we did a lot of laying in the sun, drinking Aperol and Lady A!

On Saturday night we had a private chef and the Twilight girls, Susie Amy and Liv decorated the table with our new Blush Blossom Poms which were brand new and kept as a surprise for me for the hen. They were mixed up with the great new Gold Palms and a whole tablescape was laid out.

It really was the perfect weekend.

And did Dec have a stag?

Yes, we were away at the same time which was quite nice. Dec’s stag was probably a bit more wild than my hen but we know what boys are like! He went to Kraków with a group of friends and family, including my Dad!

How’s the dress coming along?

The dress is sorted! I had my last fitting with Sassi Holford last week and our lovely Dom from Twilight Trees is going to pick it up on the week of the wedding which is very exciting. I wouldn’t trust anyone else!

What are the final elements to put into place?

Susie and I have worked out the final design for the marquee and the house and Liv and I went through the calendar yesterday and booked all of my trees out for the big day. 

The church is really tiny and we’ve been working out how to decorate it. We’ve chatted about how we’re going to incorporate Twilight Trees and bring the trees into the church itself. I won’t give anything away but we just thought as you look down the aisle it would be magical to have trees as a frame to us getting married…

Zack from Drunken Jockey’s just rang and he’s putting together menus for bespoke cocktails as we speak. We had the tasking a few weeks ago where he worked out what our preferences were, whether we like long or short drinks, what flavours we both like. It’s going to be a lot of fun!

I had a chat with Annie from Sail and Peg last week and we finalised everything. I’m sure I’m due to catch up with Doggart and Squash soon too.

Have there been any logistical problems to get around?

We’re having a Grande Olive in the centre of  Drunken Jockey’s beautiful Alba bar. The king pole is right in the centre of a sailcloth marquee and we’ve been trying to come up with a solution to get the tree as close to the pole as possible. If we overcome this challenge, it will be great for future events because I just think a tree in the centre of one of those king pole marquees just looks amazing.

What about flowers?

So it turns out that one of Susie and Andrew’s neighbours is Stem and Green which is an incredible flower farm and they are going to be growing the flowers for us. It’s all very exciting!

James who runs the farm, is going to provide us with lots of buckets of beautiful flowers and then my step-mum who’s a florist is going to be creating all of the bouquets, buttonholes and table centres using them. I think I might be involved in it too as I’m just a bit excited about it!

What kind of flowers are you going to have?

I think the plan is that the week of the wedding we’ll go down to the flower farm with James and see what’s growing and what’s doing well that week.

I’m quite open as long as it sort of keeps with the theme. We’re going for a quite neutral, green and whimsical theme  and as long as it’s along those lines then I’m pretty happy.

So how close to the venue is the flower farm exactly?

I’d say Stem & Green are less than a mile from the venue. You couldn’t get more local!

Luby, thank you so much, we are so excited for you and can’t wait to catch up again either before or after the wedding!

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