Driftwood Tree

We are actively finding new ways to incorporate our sustainability pledge into our artistic approach. Our latest commission was a piece of art like we’ve never crafted before. The project was a story of collaboration, sustainability and mindfulness as well as a feat of both artistry and engineering.

The brief: We were presented with a vision of a driftwood tree for a restaurant in London. The tree would be crafted out of driftwood and the trunk would be undulating, interesting and texturally beautiful. Our craftsmen set about working out the mechanics of such a tree, whilst Susie and her family embarked on a mission…

The hunt: Susie hails from the south coast and her family are all very much seafaring stock. They took to the water as a family and worked together for their treasure hunt! Grandparents, grandchildren and everyone in between. This was a process that took several months to complete and had so many rewards along the way.

Mindfulness: Beachcombing can be a meditative process and each time the team went out on an adventure they came back feeling the benefits of fresh air, nature and the beautiful simplicity of the task.

Doing our bit: Whilst beachcombing, the team pledged to pick up all litter that they found and as a result some of the less accessible beaches of the Isle of Wight and New Forest have been cleaned. The team were mindful of the laws and codes that apply to UK beaches and observed these strictly.

Responsibility: When interacting with the natural world it is imperative that we are respectful. BBC Countryfile have published the following Beachcombing Guidelines:

  • Don’t be greedy – collect natural things sparingly, as they provide food and shelter for strandline creatures.
  • Stay safe – always check tide times and the weather forecast – and bring 
a mobile phone with you.
  • Pick up litter – take a couple of minutes to remove any man-made litter that poses a hazard to the local wildlife.

Crafting the tree. Whilst our craftsmen are experienced in treebuilding, this was our first tree made from driftwood and so it was a learning process for all. Our master treebuilder Sheldon has said:

“It was a challenging build but fun to do something new. It was awesome to see it finished and in situ and totally makes the space”.

Driftwood Tree
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