The benefits of biophilia in the workspace

What is biophilia?

Biophilia is an innate and genetically determined affinity human beings have with the natural world.

Humans have an inherent love of nature, both mental wellbeing and human performance are enhanced when natural elements are incorporated into their environment.

How can biophilia affect performance and wellbeing in the workspace?

Biophilic design can improve key cognitive functions and encourages creative and innovative thinking in workers. Biophilia in the workplace also promotes a positive and peaceful mindset which will lead to more interactions amongst colleagues thus improving both collaboration and innovation.

According to workplace research carried out by the University of Exeter at the Chelsea Flower Show, office plants can boost staff wellbeing by up to 47%.

Read more about the study.

Can I fake it?

The interesting thing is that nature doesn’t have to be natural! Simply visual references to nature can evoke a similar effect. Artwork, references in wallpapers and textiles and even artificial plants and trees will all have a biophilic effect.

How can Twilight Trees help?

This intuitive love of nature can be triggered by artificial plants and trees and they are known to create similar biophilic responses. Our entire range is biophilic and so it is a matter of preference, space and style. If you don’t know where to start then give us a ring and we’d be more than happy to advise and provide a site visit if required.

What about the Twilight Trees office?

We do have the luxury of switching trees in and out but we typically have some coconut palm trees on either side of the room. We have both green and white LED Mini Maples on each desk which have the added benefit of bringing light to the room on darker days. We have a custom made living wall around the biggest desk and parts of the wall are dressed with a faux tree bark with vibrant moss ingrained in the crevices.

The white board is adorned with an array of hand placed branches and sprigs which add interest and depth of colour. We then have potted ferns around the room and cactus plants in each window. As one further element of biophilia we have natural cork boards around the room which are great noise absorbers as well as useful space for pinning notes and inspiration.

Where do I start?

View examples of how Twilight Trees has created beautiful biophilic office spaces.

We would suggest doing a bit of research into different trees and plants and seeing what you’re drawn to. Living walls and bespoke trees are the most popular choice for larger workspaces and certainly are a great option to look into.

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