Covent Garden blossom takeover!

“You’ve cultivated a horticultural masterpiece, team. Covent Garden has never looked more beautiful”

Nissan UK

July 2023 saw Twilight Trees’ artificial blossom trees take over Covent Garden’s East Piazza. The immersive installation was in celebration of the Nissan ‘Feel Electric Festival’.

This season the Nissan Formula E livery featured a cherry blossom design which was symbolic of the team’s new beginnings as well as a celebration of its Japanese DNA. The festival celebrated the build up to the London Formula E race finale which took place at London’s ExCel on the final day of the activation. 

“The fact that Nissan, a brand of Japanese heritage, came to, and entrusted Twilight Trees with representing their brand is just such a huge privilege.”

Susie Reid Thomas

Planning and executing the installation of 30 cherry blossom trees in one of London’s most iconic landmark destinations involved months of planning, logistics and people power. The team at Fusion spearheaded the project and the energy between the two teams was electric. The install itself was a multi-faceted operation which demanded precision and perfection and the entire team came together to pull off Twilight Trees’ biggest installation of the year so far.

30 pink blossom trees in forest formation is as breathtaking as it sounds. The tonal kaleidoscope of the pink and the blush was juxtaposed against the trademark cobbles of the Covent Garden piazza, Nissan’s red branding and even the smooth curves of the bespoke cylindrical tables sat around the bottom of the trees. The Nissan Formula E GEN3 race car further punctuated the scene perfectly.

Spectators were visibly ignited by the presence of the pink in the piazza. Many admirers applied their senses to distinguish real from faux and it was with a wry smile that we watched as people tested them with both touch and smell to identify their artificial reality.  At night the installation was bathed in a vibrant pink light that brought new energy to the space as Japanese Kabuki performers turned the trees into their stage. 

The Cherry blossom forest drew much admiration from afar but the true beauty of it was experienced amongst its branches. Blossoms wove themselves together as the trees overlapped to create a canopy of blooms. Guests had to in turn weave themselves through this constructed biophilic landscape to reach their tables and as they were seated, peace and beauty stilled the noise of the bustling street and they encountered the blossoms from a whole new perspective. Sushi Samba created a further dimension as they presented sakura themed sushi on beautiful Japanese painted platters.

“The sheer volume of traffic that the activation generated over the five days gives me goosebumps. These trees make you smile, always have, always will and to have such huge exposure is a very happy thought indeed.”

Amelia, Twilight Trees

The entire activation felt slick, beautiful and considered. The blossom forest, the Formula E lab, the presence of the car designed with such precision, it all had such a natural cohesion. It was executed with such perfection that the result was a pure, unadulterated representation of the essence of the brand itself. It was a true honour to have been able to deliver our part in this activation and as a result, be a part of its success.

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