Introducing ‘The Gatsby’

At Twilight Trees, we are dedicated to producing artificial trees that push the boundaries of creativity and innovation and we are so proud to add ‘The Gatsby’ to our collection. This spectacular gold tree oozes with the exuberance, luxury and glamour of the Roaring Twenties. This magnificent addition to the ‘Gold Tree Collection’ will undoubtedly be the hero piece and will inject fun and elevate any wedding or event.

‘The Gatsby’ features elongated leaves that create a full canopy, exuding a sense of both drama and opulence and at 4 metres high, this tree has stature that will certainly draw the eye. The golden metallic tones are rich and lustrous and the unique shape a true testament to the hours of expert workmanship and hand curation of our tree building team.

‘The Gatsby’ was inspired by the glamour and joie de vivre of Aly Lister; late mother to Susie, our company founder. Aly was our number one cheerleader from day one; always there as a sounding board for our mad ideas and throwing in some even crazier ones too. She was a one woman PR team ensuring everyone who was anyone knew about our fabulous tree hire business. From packing us off with sandwiches and non-alcoholic beers as we worked through the night, to being there with tea and bacon sandwiches when we got home at 5am utterly exhausted. So much of the success of Twilight Trees is down to her belief in the business and Aly is very much still part of its spirit. We are privileged to be able to create a tree in Aly’s honour and ‘The Gatsby’ does just that. “The Gatsby is more than just a tree; it’s a tribute to Aly’s legacy’; said Luby Hart, Art and events Director ‘Like Aly, this tree magnetises people, radiates warmth and injects luminosity into any space. Where this tree stands, fun will be had”.

Designed to be a high-impact, statement piece, ‘The Gatsby’ pairs seamlessly with our circular bar and works beautifully to highlight other pieces in both the Gold and Green collections. The Gatsby promises to be the focal point of any event and a sure investment in your event or wedding or event decor. 

“With its timeless appeal and on-trend gold tones, we are confident that The Gatsby will become a must-have addition to many exciting events this season and can’t wait to see it in action!

Susie Reid Thomas, Founder and Creative Director

We have many trees for events and parties, all are spectacular but strike slightly different tones. ‘The Gatsby’ is an astonishing tree that can’t help but be held in awe. The glory of its metallic brilliance paired with its astounding size make it a tree to behold and will be sure to set your event apart from the rest. 

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