Earth Day 2020

Earth Day 2020

On this Earth Day, with just shy of 8 billion people stopped in their tracks, our planet is very clearly showing us the silver linings from the effect this lockdown is having. India’s air quality has improved so much that people living in the northern part of the country are now able to see the Himalayas for the first time in 30 years.

Clearly we cannot exist in permanent lockdown with the stifling of life and business. Our need to assert ourselves to live more sustainably has never been greater.

At Twilight Trees we are lucky that our day to day operation, providing artificial trees and plants to events and venues, is by its nature reusable. We have very little waste but as with everyone in the events industry, we have a significant travel carbon footprint which we are each responsible and accountable for.

It gives us great pleasure to share today on Earth Day that Twilight Trees is now carbon neutral. We’ve been working with our local Hampshire partners at Carbon Footprint to audit and offset that footprint across all our events, travel, shipping and the running of our business as a whole.

And of course, the offsetting includes trees! Our tree planting programme in the UK is combined with REDD (Reducing Deforestation & Degradation) or Tree Buddying which ensures that for every tree planted in the UK, a tonne of carbon will be saved in the Amazon Rainforest through avoided deforestation projects.

Furthermore, this affords the chance for children of Twilight Trees staff members to provide a tree planting program at their schools. We look forward to seeing the team with a spade in hand for that regal photo opportunity very soon!

Stay safe & Happy Earth Day 💚

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