National Gallery accredited supplier

Twilight Trees is honoured to have been invited to be an Accredited Supplier at the National Gallery. Those of you in the industry will know how much work goes into the tender process and what an achievement it is to be accepted. I just wanted to thank the whole team for getting us to this point; from the Events Managers to the install team, the warehouse crew to the tree builders. Each and every team member is an invaluable asset and integral to our success and I am forever grateful that we’re in this together. Team Twilight, the toast this Christmas my dear friends, will be to you.

‘We are so excited to welcome Twilight Trees to our Suppliers List, championing this exceptionally creative family business. Known for their unique installations that bring a touch of magic to any event, we look forward to seeing them add an extra spark to our building and collection! Welcome aboard, Twilight Trees!’

Camilla Ilardo Costa
Sales and Marketing Events Executive
National Gallery
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