Top tips for making your micro wedding magnificent

Wedding white blossom trees by Twilight Trees

Go big. Just because your guest list is restricted doesn’t mean your venue has to be.

Create a room within a room. A large space with few guests can be just as intimate.

Think about your seating. Just because the chairs have to be distanced it doesn’t have to feel like you’re taking an exam. Think about the ‘Herringbone arrangement ‘ or a semi-circle and bring your guests into the ceremony.

It’s the little things. With less guests it is possible to tailor the final touches to your guests personality or perhaps your history with them. They will be so honoured to have made the cut so why not make it even more special. 

Hire the photographer of dreams, they will capture the moments that you will want to share with those that couldn’t make it.

Don’t mess with the dress. A smaller wedding doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style.

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