A Very Twilight Wedding – the big day!

#AVeryTwilightWedding took place on the 17th June 2023. What makes the wedding so very Twilight, I hear you say? Of course the day was all theirs but as well as celebrating the union of bride and groom, it was an opportunity for a beautiful collaboration between bride and brand. What’s more, the tent was pitched at none other than the original Twilight Trees HQ, Susie and Andrew’s home, which they very generously offered up to the happy couple for the greatest party Twilight has ever seen…

The Trees

Chilcomb church is very special to the team and sits within the tiny village that houses our headquarters. Luby’s stepmother was tasked with decorating the church with soft florals but as always, there was room for a little touch of Twilight. A pair of potted olives sat beautifully alongside the entrance to the church whilst a pair of white apple blossoms stood either side of the aisle in the small and perfectly formed mediaeval church. Sometimes Twilight Trees are all about the impact but in this case it was a case of less was more and they provided the perfect balance for this short and sacred ceremony.

The reception signalled time for a gear change and as the newlyweds stepped into their Porsche 911, guests were treated to a rustic ride in a farm cart towed by none other than a tractor!

Luby and Dec have always dreamt of a wedding with Italian vibes and although they chose the South Downs over Sorrento in favour of a more hands on approach to the wedding, it has always been the part of the brief. This was always the time for the Olive Collection to shine.

Cue the presence of The Grande Olive Tree, Mid Olive Trees and the launch of the brand new ‘Potted Olive’ which not only works beautifully on its own but alongside the Mid Olive is pure perfection.

Upon arrival at the reception we were greeted with a long hessian runway the start of which was framed by incredibly realistic Mid and Potted Olives. The runway itself was intermittently flanked by Mid Olive Trees until the final two from which hung handwritten tags with each guest’s name and table number inscribed. The interactive element of finding one’s table was a huge success amongst guests and added to the special touches that were such a big part of this intimate wedding.

Once within Sail & Peg’s luxury sailcloth tent, The Grande Olive tree took centre stage. Adorned with twinkling fairy lights, the magnificent tree stood exactly where it stands best, slap bang in the middle of the circular bar.

Susie had created a brand new arrangement of potted trees especially for the wedding. The combination of palms, ferns and monstera plants were placed around the interior threshold of the marquee and uplit to provide sculptural detail to the inner walls.

If you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that every dancefloor deserves a touch of Twilight… Drunken Jockey’s brand new bespoke bar acted as the DJ deck for the night and a perfect pair of LED Lollipop Cherry Trees flanked the DJ booth. As the light fell, Twilight took over in more ways than one and invited guests to dance the night away.

When carriages were called, a Grande Green LED Maple Tree stood at the farewell point. Not only did this look spectacular but the practicality of these trees cannot be overlooked. After a few glasses of champagne one’s orientation tends to go awry and the trees provided a much needed indicator of the location of the nearest exit! Dark driveways may also prove a challenge to the alcoholically impaired and the LED’s again came to the rescue and safely lit the way.

As aforementioned, this wedding was the perfect partnership between brand and bride and whilst the bride headed off on her honeymoon it was most fitting that it was Twilight Trees that bid guests goodnight as we closed the door to #AVeryTwilightWedding and opened a new one to the many more to come.

The Dress

Sassi Holford

“Luby has brought an unmatched energy and fun to the store, and every minute has been a pleasure. I know she is going to embrace every moment with all the details she has put in. With her combination of sleeves and fabric, it could only be Luby’s dress!” Sassi Holford.

Read our interview with Sassi Holford.

The Tent

Sail & Peg

“The team at Sail & Peg have always loved what Twilight Trees are all about! A wonderful team, a beautiful selection of products and amazing customer service! With this in mind, we were so excited to be involved in Luby and Declan’s wedding when they first made contact. Their products are the perfect partner to our luxury sailcloth tents, both complementing one another so perfectly. The variation of their offering is broad and varied, this means whatever our clients are looking for, there is a suitable product for everyone. It was a real honour for us to be involved in Luby and Declan’s very special weekend and we do hope we have the opportunity to partner on more projects in the future.

The Flowers

Stem and Green

We’ve established that Italian vibes were key to the look and feel of the day but the dress was also a key indicator of the styles in play. The dress was romantic, whimsical and indicative of a ‘cottagecore’ aesthetic. How do we bring these styles together to create a holistic and completely unique look? Cue the flowers. Although the florals were secondary to the high impact of the trees, the florals acted to soften the edges and remind guests that we were in fact basking in the sunshine of the great British countryside.

Luby was keen to support local and reduce the impact of her wedding and Stem and Green certainly ticked this box. Susie and Andrew are lucky enough to be neighbours with this blooming business and budding entrepreneur. James is passionate about everything he does, you just have to follow his Instagram to feel a part of his tribe. Read all about Stem & Green, the man behind it and how Luby chose to include the most local of flora in her special day.

Final thanks

A big thank you to all of the other suppliers who made the day a success:

Cocktails: The Drunken Jockey’s
Caterer: Doggart & Squash
Photography: Jordan Green and Kenekt
Video and drone footage: Kenekt

This wasn’t just a wedding but an expression of style, personality, heritage and friendship. From the personalised napkins to the handwritten place cards, every detail had been meticulously planned throughout. This was a very special wedding indeed #VeryTwilight some might say…

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Hart!

If a back garden in Winchester can be transformed into a mediterranean paradise, imagine what we can do for your space. This dear reader, is why they call us ‘Masters of Transformation’. If you would like to look at tree hire for your wedding, perhaps a blossom or a faux olive tree or two, get in touch with Luby and Liv who would be delighted to help you take the first step.

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